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Specialist Recruitment Company

Recruitment can be a stressful and time consuming process, particularly for the busy manager tending to day-to-day business routine and project delivery.

QS London provides employers with a specialist and highly committed professional service that means you can have confidence that we understand your business and recruiting requirements. The directors of QS London are chartered quantity surveyors.

We only recruit quantity surveyors for positions in London. Because of this focus, we are better able to research and appreciate the dynamics of the London market better and advise you accordingly.

Independent Assessment

With our knowledge of the profession and appreciation of your brief, we will carefully analyse the candidates CV and provide you only with candidates that closely match your specific job requirements. In order to assist your evaluation, we provide you with our own executive summary of each candidate along with the candidates own CV so you get a good overall profile of the candidate in a clear and informative way. In addition we meet with all our candidates so we are comfortable with their suitability prior to recommending them to you.

Fees - Flexible, Competitive & Simple Charging Structure

We are flexible in agreeing terms and conditions with our clients.

We are committed to charging realistic fees for our services and typically charge fee rates which represent significant savings on industry standard rates. We will also review our rates if we place more than one recruit with you in any one year.

Alternatively, we can offer a flat rate fee for candidates within salary bands which makes fee charging more simple and provides employers with more cost certainty.

Further details of our fee levels are available on request.


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